Question: In Islam, if God cannot be depicted in the form of an idol, how could Satan be depicted as an idol?

Answer:* This question is related to one of the rituals of Hajj in Mecca, where stones are thrown at a pillar.
Due to misinformation, often non-Muslims think that this practice is similar to Hinduism where Idol is considered as a deity and is worshipped.
*It’s a misconception that it is an idol of Satan*. Actually, *it is a normal pillar which is constructed to mark the site* where one of the rituals of Hajj(throwing stone) is performed.
Those People who believe in and pray to idols, considers them to be God or a form of God. However, in Islam, those pillars are not considered to be the idol of Satan nor a form of Satan. Also, *it’s not believed that Satan resides inside those pillars*. In fact, it is forbidden in Islam to carve out any idol or image.
The most respected/revered person in this world for Muslims is *Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), yet his companions or followers never created any idol or image* of the Prophet.
_Then what is the significance of this ritual(stoning the Satan/pillars) performed during Hajj?_
*It is performed in commemoration of a very important event in the life of Prophet Ibrahim(PBUH).* Prophet Ibrahim(PBUH) had set up great inspiration for the whole of mankind through this event.
*Prophet Ibrahim(PBUH) saw a dream in which he is sacrificing his son* for Allah. In Islam, a prophet’s dream is considered as a revelation from Allah,
Hence, considering it to be a word of Allah, he set out to fulfill the commandment. In fact, his wife and son were also submitted to the command of Allah and were with him in this decision.
Satan wanted them to fail in this test, hence, he started to misguide them by questioning the plan of Ibrahim(PBUH) to sacrifice his son(Ismail). *Satan tried to mislead them in three different locations,* however, without getting influenced by him and being firm, father and the son threw stones at Satan in denial.
*Those are the places where stones were thrown by Ibrahim (PBUH)* which are being marked by constructing Pillars to mark the location.
Just when Ibrahim(PBUH) covered his eyes and was about to run a knife over his son’s neck, *Allah replaced his son with a sheep.* Hence his son was saved and *instead a sheep was sacrificed.* Ibrahim(PBUH) came out successful in this test, which Allah put in front of him.
*Allah liked this attitude of Ibrahim(PBUH)* so much that, the incident of stoning the Satan(pillars) was made as one of the rituals in the holy pilgrimage of Hajj, so that it will be remembered till the day of Judgement.
We learn from this incident to *trust Allah* and always follow the right path, *without getting influenced by Satan,* and thus fulfilling the commandments of Allah.
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